man page ext3grep

Carlo Wood carlo at
Sun Aug 31 13:54:25 UTC 2008

Hi, I noticed that debian included my ext3grep
in unstable and added a man page...

Not commenting on the content of the man page (yet),
it would be nice if I was mentioned as the author
of ext3grep in the section AUTHOR.


Carlo Wood <carlo at>


If policy allows, it would also be practical if
it contained an url to my HOWTO page (not copy
the whole html page into the package, just mention
the url:

Finally, in BUGS you might add a long list of
things, but perhaps you could also mention that
the man page might not be up to date (it isn't) and
that for a complete list people really should do
'ext3grep --help'.

Most people seem to want to use this tool from
a live CD. Do you think it will make it to Lenny's
live CD anytime soon? The first beta release was
3 days ago.

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