Bug#479014: ITP: guymager -- A forensic imaging tool with a GUI.

Monniez Christophe d-fence at swing.be
Fri May 2 08:57:15 UTC 2008

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal
Owner: Debian Forensics <forensics-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>

   Package name: guymager
        Version: 0.2.1
Upstream Author: Guy Voncken
            URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/guymager/
        License: GPL
    Description: A forensic imaging tool based with a GUI

Guymager is a forensic imaging tool that handles standard raw (dd) files and Encase files.
It uses a high speed multi-threaded engine.
It has a very user friendly Qt graphical user interface.

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