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Daniel Baumann daniel at
Sat May 31 16:59:24 UTC 2008

Christophe Monniez wrote:
> Hi,

[ hrm, my thunderbird didn't highlight new messages in this inbox
anymore, so didn't saw that there are new mails, sorry. ]

> I did a change in the grokevt package (new upstream version added) and
> nothing appeared on the mailing list (and nothing on IRC too).
> I don't know where to find the config for that feature.

because the permission of the hook is wrong:

-rw-rw-r--+ 1 hanska-guest forensics 48 2008-02-24 21:01

it must be executable. as you see from the permissions, i cannot change
it myself, and i have no idea why this 'suddenly' became non-executable.

> Another question:
> After I put the new upstream version of grokevt, do I have to change
> the version in the changelog manually or is there something special to
> do to have the version number changed ?

if you think, a package is ready for release, release a version, like this:

git-dch --since $last_release_commit --debian-branch debian
<adjust debian changelog, e.g. correct version number if needed>
git commit -a -m "Releasing debian version 1.2.3-4."
git tag -a -m "Tagging debian version 1.2.3-4." debian/1.2.3-4

git push
git push --tags

...and then ping me to upload it :)

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