adopting a package

Don Raikes DON.RAIKES at
Wed Aug 5 18:16:06 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Ok so after having to rebuild my debian system several times over the last week (hardware issues), I would like to know the process for adopting a package to work on.

My desire would be to start with something kind of simple since I have never written a debian package before (well not really) I tried to package ftimes a while back, but it never installed properly :)

So ny thought was to start with something like HEM or HED and try to get those packaged.

I have read much of the debian new maintainers guide, and have, or will, install the necessary development packages by sometime today.

I have the source for HEM already too.

Once I get a "working" package, how do I get it reviewed/approved for inclusion in the debian-forensics project?

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