Good day Sir/Madam,

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Thu Aug 6 09:50:32 UTC 2009

Good day Sir/Madam,

My dear i am so sorry for bouncing on you this way without any initial notice pls forgive
me,the reason is that i was pushed to do just that.To make it short i am Mrs Bebecca Frank
Edoh From CoteD'ivoire specifically from Bouaki Kingdom.i was married to Mr Frank Edoh as
the first wife, he being a successful business man he is so busy that hardly have time to 
play or do anything with me as the first wife,my dear i know this story will be very 
shameful but i must say it, when i keep pestering Mr Frank about his long staying abroad 
leaving his first wife and 2 kids all alone is very bad of him.


There i never knew he and the new wife has a plan in which they set me up with his clearing 
agent here, a very vibrant young looking man to becoming to the House regularly and see how 

i was faring, one day this young man called me to visit him in his office which i did 

without knowing that it was a set up with my husband and the new wife to throw me out, 

reaching there i was tempted by the young man he seduced me and made love to me, i being so 

stupid did not notice that they set camera and pictured all we deed there, though it occured 

twice the third time i was cought by my Husband new wife and this began problems.


Today we are in Court for divorce, meanwhile i have this amount ($3.5 million usd) 
($3.500,000.000.00) which my Husband deposited with my name, i have the total documents of 
this fund, pls i am beging you now to see if you can be helpful to me so that this fund will
be transfer into your own personal account oversea, immediately this is done i will leave
here to be with you.Then from there i will find my way out, i will be expecting your urgent 
reply because i have no time left here again, on the process i will send to you all the 
pictured and the camera which was presented as the evidence in the Court.

Pls reply this message fast so that we will get this done under a week interval here is my 

contact direct contact email id (bebecca_adams at i will be waiting .


Mrs Bebecca









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