Bug#479014: Any news?

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Sat Aug 15 11:58:59 UTC 2009

* Michael Prokop <mika at debian.org> [20090814 11:42]:

> JFTR: I started to work on libguytools on my own.
> Current work is available via git:

>   http://git.grml.org/?p=libguytools.git

> I'm in contact with upstream who will review it.

> I'll continue to work on guymager as well. As soon as there's an
> initial working version which I consider usable I'll inform you so
> we can review and upload it together.

Both packages exist now:


I've worked with upstream on it, final review is ongoing now.

Preliminary packages build against Debian/unstable i386 + amd64
are available at:


Please review and provide feedback.

PS: I've no objections against including the source into the
debian-forensic tree at git.debian.net.

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