bios-memimage_1.2-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at
Sat Aug 15 21:42:15 UTC 2009

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi Maintainer,
> rejected. Your debian/copyright does miss a lot of (C) holders, please
> list them. But more importantly - most of the stuff is BSD 4 clause
> license, not the better 3clause you list. Important difference, BSD4 is
> gpl incompatible. (In that light you might also want to think if its
> really a good idea to make debian/ gpl licensed)
> Please fix your copyright file.

Hi Joerg,

The copyright file is correct with regard to (C) holders. The upstream
software lists Bill as the primary author because he is indeed the
primary author of the software. Unless he releases a new upstream
version that credits other people, I am uncomfortable adding other
people to the list. The Cold Boot project was a massive undertaking and
Bill deserves nearly _all_ of the credit for this part of the project.

I did however update the copyright file to reflect that debian/ is under
the same license as upstream. I have pushed these changes to I believe Daniel will upload my changed package when he
has free time to do so.

> BTW - is the package really "Architecture: any" or is it "amd64 i386"?

The software for talking to the scraper is plain C. The PXE/disk
payloads are amd64 and i386. However, the payloads do not run on the
machine where the package is installed. I thought that qualified as
architecture 'any' for the package. Is this a mistake? A PPC machine
should be able to use these programs and payloads just fine, their
target machine has to fit a specific architecture...


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