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Wed Aug 19 07:51:44 UTC 2009

I hope that this message might not come to you as a surprise. 
I am one of the directors in a financial insitution here in Burkina Faso.
There is  a deceased client of our bank from America who died with his wife and left
 the sum of $13.7 M on the date of 1st  june 2009 in  Air France Flight 447, this  
is an operating a scheduled international passenger flight from Galeao International Airport 
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris ...which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. 
The  names of the clients with his wife  are... Michael Harris and Anne Harris.
He lost his life with his wife leaving the huge fund without any next of kin.
I want us to work together and get this fund transfered out of this bank.
You should reply back and I will guide you on what to do. 
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