forensics git repository

Ralf Moll ralf-info at
Thu Jul 16 18:58:08 UTC 2009

Hi Don,

maybe the amazing grml live cd is what you are looking for:

Here some information about the current version:

grml is build on debian packages using FAI. This fabulous framework is called grml-live [1], you can use it to build a customized version of grml. To get a medium sized, Debian-unstable and grml-based
Live-CD for i386 architecture using /grml/grml-live as build and output directory just run:

# grml-live -s sid -a i386 -c GRMLBASE,GRML_MEDIUM,I386

Right now a few it-forensic people form Europe are focusing grml to build a state-of-the-art forensic live cd for text-tool users and admin (not that nintendo-forensics stuff like helix, etc.).




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