dc3dd copyright

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Sat Jul 25 21:01:22 UTC 2009

* Christophe Monniez wrote:

> Here is a summary of the situation.

> dc3dd is a patched version of gnu/dd from the gnu coreutils package.
> dc3dd uses a lot of files from the coreutils package and some of them
> maybe useless for dc3dd.

> I tried hard to figure out what files are useless but I failed.

> So I need to mention in the debian/copyright file all the authors of
> coreutils files that are used in dc3dd.

> In some cases, it's simple. For example, there are 324 files out of 447
> in lib/ that are the same in coreutils and dc3dd.
> But it left 123 files that I need to figure out if they are patched from
> coreutils or the work of dc3dd author only.

> My question is about the first case. If a file is a patched version of a
> coreutils file, should I mention the dc3dd author in the Debian
> copyright file, or the coreutils autho, or both ?

How about taking the approach from the gnu coreutils package:


? They list the licenses of all the files but only if they are
different from the "generic" one (see 'all other files' in the
copyright file). IMHO we should just take the copyright information
upstream of dc3dd decided to specify.


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