Bug#531787: timeout move to coreutils?

Michael Stone mstone at debian.org
Thu Jun 4 01:50:35 UTC 2009

Package: timeout

coreutils now includes a "timeout" program which I'd like to include as 
it will become de-facto standard as various distributions update their 
coreutils packages. Doing so will make the "timeout" package essentially 
uninstallable. The syntax is slightly different:

      timeout [OPTION] NUMBER[smhd] COMMAND [ARG]...

    NUMBER is an integer followed by an optional unit; the default is
seconds.  The units are:

`s' seconds

`m' minutes

`h' hours

`d' days

    The program accepts the following option.  Also see *note Common 
options::.  Options must precede operands.

      Send this SIGNAL to COMMAND on timeout, rather than the default
      `TERM' signal. SIGNAL may be a name like `HUP' or a number. Also
      see *Note Signal specifications::.

    Exit status:

      124 if COMMAND times out
      125 if `timeout' itself fails
      126 if COMMAND is found but cannot be invoked
      127 if COMMAND cannot be found
      the exit status of COMMAND otherwise

What kinds of problems will this cause for the tct package? I'd like to 
do this soon, if possible, so that any problems can be shaken out fairly 
early in the squeeze release cycle.

Mike Stone

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