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Don Raikes DON.RAIKES at oracle.com
Sat Mar 21 06:38:36 UTC 2009


I am a 25-year computer programmer/etc veteran.  I have recently become facinated in the world of digital forensics, and also in the debian/ubuntu linux platforms.

I have been looking for available forensics tools, and just discovered your project tonight.

While I don't have any experience in building debian packages, I am a quick learner, and am anxious to learn.
I am more than willing to spend what ever time I can carve out of my regular job to help build/maintain packages for this project.

Current setup:

ubuntu 8.10 on a gateway desktop system with 250gb hd and pentium 4 3ghz processor.

I will have most of the hd free for development work as necessary.

I am using ubuntu rather than pure debian because the ubuntu livecd has the accessibility support built into it that I need. I am blind, and use gnome with orca for my linux work.

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