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Joseph Young jjyoung00 at
Sun Oct 4 21:01:56 UTC 2009


I am JOSEPH YOUNG a British citizen working with a security/finance
company in the United Kingdom where I am currently the assistant principal
officer attached to Investment/records department. By virtue of my
position,I am privileged to a very confidential information about a
deposited funds amounting to $18.5m USD(EIGHTEEN MILLION,FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) domicile in an account owned by a south
African nationalist, Mr Collins Mzizi who have been confirmed dead from a
very reliable source back home, unknown to the management of my firm.
The interesting thing here is that there is no beneficiary or next of
kin attached to the funds and this implies that no one would ever come
and claim the funds. My intention therefore is to seek for a serious
minded beneficiary to process this fund as the beneficiary/next of kin
into his account before it gets to the knowledge of my top management
staff who will confiscate the funds for there personal use.I would make
sure I provide all necessary documents to present you as the
beneficiary/next of kin to the late Collins Mzizi,so you do not have to
worry at all. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will
like you as
a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to the late Collins Mzizi so
that you will be able to receive his funds,and thereafter you would be
Furthermore,I wish to inform you that there would be a reward for you
after we have sucessfully concluded this project,30% of the amount would
be given to you and the remaining 70% would be shared among me and a
few other officials in my firm.
Please if you are interested, Please send your name and contact details
to my email, so I can give you further details regarding this
project,upon receipt of your mail stating your willingness to be of
I will send you my contact details so we can discuss verbally.

NOTE:If you are interested in my proposal, Please ensure to respond to
my message as soon as possible.

Best Wishes
Joseph young.

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