Bug#549569: libguytools1: Support for more arches.

vogu00 vogu00 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 06:38:13 UTC 2009

Michael Prokop wrote:
 > [Cc-ing Guy who's upstream of libguytools/guymager]
 > * Kurt Roeckx [20091004 15:25]:
 >> Package: libguytools1
 >> Version: 1.0.4-1
 >> It seems the current pacakge only allows building on i386 and
 >> amd64.  Is there a reason why hurd and kfreebsd couldn't work?

libguytools is mostly straight-forward C code, except for some
lines in backtrace handler (see  below).
I'm not sure if you could encounter little problems with header
files (surely nothing serious), I don't have experience with hurd
and kfreebsd.

 >> Looking at the description, it seems to support stack backtracking
 >> which is arch dependent, and I assume it currently only supports
 >> amd64 and i386.  Do you know if there are plans to support more
 >> arches in the future, and how hard it would be to add it?
 > Guy: any information from your side?

Stack backtracking: Have a look at function ToolSignalBacktraceHandler
in toolsignal.cpp. I already made it architecture independant but I
never tried it on architectures like sparc, for instance.

However, I have an old PowerBook G4 at my disposal where succesfully
build libguytools and guymager powerpc packages. Just add "powerpc"
to the list of architectures in debian/control.

Adding other architectures: The function ToolSignalBacktraceHandler
should normally be the only one that needs to be adapted.


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