Hello Dear

Mr.Jerry Ntai. info at smk.co.id
Mon Oct 12 11:43:19 UTC 2009

Good Day,
Please kindly accept my apology for sending
you this email without your consent. I believe you
are a highly respected personality, considering the
fact that I sourced your email from the people`s
search database on the web during my discrete search
for a foreign partner who can assist me on taking
this business to its success. Though i do not know
to what extent you are familiar with events. I have
a proposal for you.This however is not mandatory nor
will I in any manner compel you to honor against
your will, but I hope you will read on and consider
the value i am offering.
My name is Mr. Jerry Ntai, I am the Head of Operations
in Mevas Bank, Hong Kong. I have a business
proposal in the tune of  US$25.2m  to be transferred
to an offshore account with your assistance if
After the successful transfer, we shall share in
ratio of 30% for you and 70% for me. Should you be
interested, please respond to my letter immediately,
so we can commence all arrangements and I will give
you more information on the project and how we would
handle it.
You can contact me on my private email:
(  jerryntaiprivacy at japan.com  )
and send me the following information
for documentation purpose:
(1)Full name:
(2)private phone number:
(3)current residential address:
(5)Age and Sex:
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,
Mr. Jerry Ntai.

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