Moved Git-repositories to Alioth

Michael Prokop mika at
Thu Sep 24 23:11:36 UTC 2009

* Michael Prokop <mika at> [20090923 09:51]:

> as discussed and planned I've transferred the git repositories from
> Daniel's over to the forensics project on Debian's
> Alioth ->

> Please don't put your stuff to any longer, but
> instead push it over to the repositories at

> You should be able to access the repository using:

>   git clone ssh://${USERNAME}${REPOSNAME}.git

> Please check whether everything works for you as expected and all
> data is there. If you miss any repositories, branches, data,... or
> have any problems/questions please don't hestitate to contact me.

Just a small note to all maintainers: please don't forget to update
the Vcs-* headers in your package(s) with next upload/version bump.
So instead of using the entries in debian/control
should look like:

  Vcs-Git: git://$PACKAGE_NAME.git

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