About the tct package.

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Wed Sep 30 07:50:10 UTC 2009

* Christophe Monniez <christophe.monniez at fccu.be> [20090930 08:23]:

> the situation about tct is that I'm not the original maintainer of this
> package ... and I'm not sure about the reason why I'm mentioned as the
> uploader.

Ah ;) I can just find:

,---- [ git log ]
| commit d776b548d9ed95750f09cc8c76c653eb9326ce2b
| Author: Daniel Baumann <daniel at debian.org>
| Date:   Fri Nov 28 09:24:28 2008 +0100
|     Setting uploaders to Christophe.

> In fact the package is owned by our team :
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=499333

Jepp, as usual for our packages.

Would be great if all of you could check out whether the Uploaders
field in debian/control is correct in your package(s) and if you're
mentioned in any packages which you don't really maintain.
Because that's the only real indication to see who feels responsible
for the package.

> forget my previous mail about the package.
> I didn't see that the job was already done by Mika.
> Thanks Mika you just won a free beer.


I'd highly welcome testing though. I plan to upload the package
around the weekend.

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