Dear Beloved,

Rev. Sis Joyce Emanuela ccthh06l at
Mon Dec 13 09:05:59 UTC 2010

Dear Beloved,

May the peace of the Lord always be with you .
My name is Rev Sis Joyce Emanuela. I am 79 years old now and I have been bedridden for the past 5years. Now I believe that my time has come to join my ancestors in heaven.

I got your email address from the Internet as the spirit of Almighty God directed me to contact you for this charitable work.
I have $2.3, 000,000.00 deposited in a safe location which I want you to have on my behalf for an important charitable project. I choose to hand over this money to you for this charitable work which I know you have desired for people in need. I hope you will honestly do this for me, if yes please urgently response on receipt this charitable work.  

Finally, I will like you to inform me what you do for a living so that I can be able to know if your work is going to allow you to handle this project that I am committing into your hands to the glory of God. I am writing this from my Notebook computer in my hospital bed where I wait for my time to come. I pray that God will use you to accomplish this charitable work. 
Thanking you and remain blessed in the Lord.

Rev. Sis Joyce Emanuela

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