Bug#634412: ext3grep: FTBFS: superblock.h:35:99: error: 'EXT2_FRAG_SIZE' was not, declared in this scope

Julien Valroff julien at debian.org
Sat Dec 10 08:35:07 UTC 2011

tags 634412 + pending

Hi Peter,

Le samedi 10 déc. 2011 à 08:14:27 (+0100 CET), peter green a écrit :
> I just did a test build on current sid and ran into failures but
> they were different from the failure reported in the bug report. I
> guess the headers have changed again since this bug was reported.
> Anyway the attatched patch makes the code build in current sid.

Thanks Peter for your help. I have pushed your patch to the git repository
for the upcoming package upload.

Could anyone familiar with ext3grep test the new release so that we can
upload it to sid ASAP?


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