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Alcione Association offers free copy of book "Hercolubus or Red Planet". 

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There are some questions about heavenly mechanics, which are unknown to the present science. One of them is that related to Hercolubus approach, a planet whose name comes from the ancient knowledge. The fact of its approach to our solar system is not only a near fact that everybody will be able to see, but it will also result in big upheavals all over the world.

As in life's ups and downs everything returns to its beginning or its end, it already happened that Hercolubus, in its former approach, put a stop to the Atlantis´ civilization. These facts, well known by all that personages who, in the course of the History enjoyed Awake Consciousness, were properly narrated through all the `world-wide Floods´ coming from different religions and cultures.

A lot of writers have talked about such cosmic phenomenon throughout the ages. One of them, V.M. Rabolú, was one of those people who enjoyed the Faculties of the Awake Consciousness, which let him investigate about this heavenly body's approach.

We have picked out the next paragraphs from his book, entitled `Hercolubus or Red Planet´:

`When Hercolubus comes nearer the earth, and it places itself at the same height as the sun, some mortal epidemics will begin to spread all over the world and doctors or official science will not know what kind of diseases they are and how to cure them. They will remain impotent in the face of these epidemics. ´

`The moment of tragedy and darkness will arrive: shakings, earthquakes, tidal waves. Human beings will become mentally unbalanced because of the lack of sleep and food. And watching this danger, they will throw themselves altogether into the cliff, completely insane. ´

`What I affirm in this book is a very short-term prophecy, because I know for sure the end of this planet, I know it. I am not trying to scare, but warning, because I am anguished for this poor mankind, because the facts will not keep us waiting and there is no time to waste in illusory things. ´

V.M. Rabolú teaches in his book the systems of eliminating psychological defects and astral projection as the only existing way of escaping from the forthcoming cataclysm. He finishes saying:

`Dear reader, I am speaking very clearly in order to make you understand the necessity for undertaking a serious work, because the person who is doing this work is removed from danger. This is not for you to theorize or discuss but to experience the real teaching I am offering you in this book, because we do not have any other thing to call on´. 
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