I am soliciting for your kind assistance as well as investment

Mr.Wilford D. Lugard 0302649 at unri.ac.id
Mon Mar 7 00:28:52 UTC 2011

My Good Friend,
I hope my e-mail meets you well?.It is my gratification to reach you through this medium regarding this Information, by soliciting  for your kind assistance as well as investment, I am Mr.Wilford D. Lugard,a personal Account Auditor  to my late client president Lech Kaczynski, who was a former incumbent President of Poland also a business Tycoon.

president Lech Kaczynski was well known Philanthropist who died in the Air plane that crashed on April 10, 2010 as reported: http://lasergk.com/test/general/polish-president-killed-in-plane-crash/comment-page-1/#comment-30.  They Took off from Poland to Russia to mark the anniversary of the notorious Katyn killings of the second world war their plane  had a problem while landing and missed target that caused the plane Crashed  and killed all the delegates including president Lech Kaczynski and his wife.
I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise as we never meet before, why I contacted  you through this medium was when the Government revealed £435m said to have been dormant in accounts since July 2007 in some banks here  in London, I conducted a random sketch through my late client president Lech Kaczynski account’s data, I discovered Eighty-five  million, Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds(£85.5m) into my late client president Lech Kaczynski fixed deposit account in a bank here in London, I want to invest this money through you in your country and you should be encourage that this is legitimate, my utmost desire to move this money through you was because, the Government announced  that some of the money held in dormant accounts will be credited to the Government treasury to enable them to set up some project and elevate the civil liberties, if savers decline to claim their money  within one month, please  Click on this  link for more details: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6920343.stm
and since then no one has come to claim this money so I decided to introduce my relevance to you by seeking for your kind assistance, when we get this money transferred into your account  I will give you  30% from this total amount of  £85.5m million Great British Pounds as compensation for your  Effort, assistance and collaboration, while my part of 70% will be use to invest in any credible business in your country home and I want to rest assure you that  all documents related to this account are intact, please if you are comfy with my intend, get back to me through my private Email:lesaintwilu at lesaintlouisien.com I will be very grateful if my request is granted.
Waiting to provide you with more details upon receipt of your response and Contact details, thank You very much, please  extend my greetings to your family, God Bless you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Wilford D.Lugard.

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