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Christophe Monniez christophe.monniez at
Mon Oct 3 13:33:39 UTC 2011

Hi all,

It seems that we are all very busy in our respective lives.
Anyway, the Debian Forensics Team is still alive and there are a couple
of things that have to be done and discussed.

Today, I met Mikap on IRC and he gave me some advices on the following

1) scalpel, vinetto and rdd
All three are forensics packages and are currently maintained by Danny
van der Meeren.
I asked him, privately, to join our team.
Here is his answer:
        I have not done things for a long time on these packages, if you
        want to take them within your team I'm fine with that.
So, I'm going to ask him to file a request for adoption.

2) aimage package was removed from unstable.
It appears that the upstream author decided to revive it:
As stated by Mikap, we could simply upload it again and maybe check if
we should open a bugreport to maintain it again.

3) undbx and libpff were almost ready but vanished because the ITP was
too old.
As they are now RFP I'm going to retitle them to ITP.

4) libewf
libewf is getting old in Debian. Upstream is splitted in libewf,
libewf2-beta and libewf2-alpha.
I use a lot liebwef2-alpha at work and never encountered any problem.
... and it have a lot of enhancement regrading libewf.
I think that we should discuss on how to handle migration to
libewf2-alpha in Debian.
5) In order to discuss those things among others, I thing we should
organize a meeting on IRC.

6) reglookup
There is a new reglookup upstream version (see
This is a new major release which is split in a library and the main
tool. The library is also used by the new version of grokevt.
It now use scons to build.
I don't know how to handle this.

Let me know on the list what you think about those points.


Christophe Monniez <christophe.monniez at>

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