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Mon Oct 10 18:59:35 UTC 2011

Le lundi 10 oct. 2011 à 20:36:26 (+0200 CEST), Don Raikes a écrit :
> Just to add my 2 cents: the aimage package was replaced with guymage.
> However, as a blind computer forensics wannabe, I have tested guymage and
> it is totally inaccessible to a blind person while aimage being a
> command-line application is not inaccessible.

That's a good point you might want to report upstream as well (I mean thank
aimage developers and ask for a more accessible UI to guymager developers).

> I would push to have it maintained as  an available package.

In the mean time, I have checked and notices the 3.2.5 version of aimage was
released on 17.11.2011 which shows the upstream development is still active.

I think the package shouldn't have been removed from the archive at all.
Still, the package needs to be more carefully checked to ensure everything
is ok. It eg. misses copyright information for files under debian/. 

Christophe, what do you think?


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