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Tue Oct 11 18:06:14 UTC 2011

Le mardi 11 oct. 2011 à 07:12:57 (+0200 CEST), Christophe Monniez a écrit :
> Le lundi 10 octobre 2011 à 20:59 +0200, Julien Valroff a écrit :
> > Christophe, what do you think?
> I asked to remove aimage from the archive because it was not maintained
> anymore. At this time, I sent a mail to the upstream author and he
> replied me that he had no more time to work on it anymore. A few days
> later, he decided to fix aimage, probably because that I was not the
> only one ask for it.
I now understand, thanks for sharing this.
This new version fixes #618087, am I right?

> I think that aimage have a place in Debian because there is no other
> command line tool that does the job. I use it all the time at work
> because a lot of our machine does not have a graphical interface.

I do agree it still has a place in Debian if it is used and usable. The
popcon figures [0] aren't very high but I guess it is normal for such a
specialized tool.

> The actual package seems to work, I used it two time yesterday without
> any problem.

Great, still need to be tested after the changes I have made (I had to
reapply the patch which had been applied on the files directly rather than
via a quilt patch).

> I'll look at copyright informations.

The changelog should also mention that the package is back to Debian.

Once you have been able to check all this again, I will be happy to upload



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