aeskeyfind segmentation fault

Anathema anathema at
Tue Dec 25 13:57:29 UTC 2012

On 25/12/2012 13:53, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> Hi Anathema and thanks for emailing!
> If you don't get a quick response here, you might try emailing the
> authors of the program, in particular Nadia Heninger and Ariel Feldman.
> A segfault is bad news, so hopefully they can take care of it.
> You would also do well to file a bug within Debian's bug tracker; I
> don't see a segfault reported here
>;dist=unstable .
> If you're not used to reporting bugs in Debian, it's pretty simple; just
> sudo apt-get install reportbug, then type 'reportbug' and it will step
> you through the process. That way, other users can easily find the
> issue, and hopefully even work to address it!
> Thank you again for the email, and I hope you're having a nice holiday
> season!
> -- Asheesh.

Hi Asheesh,
thank you to your fast reply.

I'll mail Nadia and Ariel, thanks for the hint.
Also, I'll open a report bug on the debian bug tracking system.

Thank you, have a nice holiday you too!


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