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Michael Prokop mika at
Mon Jan 9 20:24:06 UTC 2012

* Julien Valroff [Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 08:06:14PM +0100]:

> I am not used to using git-dch and *I* think it is not needed in our
> workflow, but I was not aware of the discussion you already had on this
> point. Remember I am new in the team, and still must have to learn your
> habits ;)

> Sorry if I have broken these rules.

> Now, my question was also on a practical level: what do you see as advantage
> working with git-dch?

> I am personally used to debcommit which allows me to keep the standard
> workflow (eg. dch --team) while still making git commit logs useful.

Committing without touching the changelog at the same time makes it
easier to backport/merge/revert/... stuff.

git-dch creates debian/changelog based on the commit messages,
keeping the task to create a new release (which includes maintaining
the debian/changelog) still easy and simple.

Unless there's a *really* good reason to not use git-dch I'd
strongly vote for keeping our workflow as it is (WRT debian/upstream
branches, git-import-orig, git-dch,...).

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