Bug#617447: ext3grep NMU

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Jun 7 21:06:54 UTC 2012

I did some local tests and it ext3grep seemed to work. Everything that 
was restored was restored correctly though it did not restore everything 
I deleted from the test image (but then it can't nessacerally be 
expected to, some stuff may dissapear from the journal before ext3grep 
can see it).

I suspect that the reason we have been unable to find any regular users 
is this is the sort of tool most people use exactly once. IMO having a 
tool like this available even though only minimally tested is better 
than not having it at all (from reading the docs it seems it doesn't do 
any live modifications, only data extraction so the risk of a bug 
corrupting the filesystem being recovered seems minimal). As such I have 
uploaded a NMU to delayed/5

Please tell me if you disagree with this course of action.

A debdiff for the NMU is attatched (note: it's a bit noisy because the 
package updated config.sub and config.guess).

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