Bug#634412: Bug#589372: ext3grep NMU

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Fri Jun 8 22:20:34 UTC 2012

 > spelling: it should be "one piece" not "one peice"

 >Very interesting changes. Have you discussed this with upstream?

 >If not, that's fine; no need to slow down the package update in this
 >case. But be sure to eventually.
Ok, i'll send them the patch.

> typo? Should this be:
> #ifndef i_reserved2
> not
> #ifndef i_reseved2
> This is an important issue, and you should fix it.
It's not actually all that important, I put the ifndef in to only apply 
the hack when nessacery but I don't beleive applying the hack 
unnessacerally when using older versions of the headers will actually 
break anything. Nevertheless i'll fix it.

Embarasingly this got pointed out when I first submitted the patch but 
in the long time between doing that and finally preparing a NMU I fogot 
about it :(

I've replaced the NMU in the queue with one that has the typos fixed. 
New debdiff attatched.
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