Bug#690802: scrounge-ntfs size bug on 2T drive, enhancements.

doug Springer gpib at rickyrockrat.net
Wed Oct 17 17:39:32 UTC 2012

Package: scrounge-ntfs
Version: 0.9-6 all

When attempting to set an end sector greater than an unsigned int, the 
program exits with an error saying end must be greater than start.

Attached is a simple patch for this. I have also added another patch 
that allows the program to restart. This is not necessarily a bug per 
se, but it is a royal pain if your data set is very large and you have 
to restart - the program creates duplicates.

In the second patch, I attempted to clean up the code a bit. There were 
two different invocations depending on which OS (Win32 or others) was 
built. I also added a -i option that will ignore a file that already 
exists on the output.

I've already filed with Ubuntu:

I have tested both of these patches with the drive that Windows borked.

Perhaps you want them submitted separately.


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