Is This Your Message To Me?

About Syria War infolomeli2013 at
Tue Apr 30 06:55:38 UTC 2013

l am Barrister Juan Lomeli and  my purpose of contacting you might be a
bit strange because we have not meet before now but this is a matter of
urgency and am writing you to kindly reply this message once you receive
it.This  is about one of my late client who died in the present  ongoing
war in SYRIA with his entire family in a bomb explosion,i got this news
just yesterday fro one of his business associates so i decided to contact
you for immidiate action he was into oil/Gas marketing  and i was his
legal Lawyer to his business here in Europe, i will disclose more
informations once you disclose  your interest by replying to me to this my
personal email(jlomeli2013 at

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