How are you today?

Bri.Gen. Castern Jacobson gen_jecobson at
Thu Jul 25 00:18:12 UTC 2013

Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson.
Spokesperson,International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Commander 1st Panzer Division (Bundeswehr).

How are you today?

Life is nothing here as soldiers die every day. We are in a very dangerous zone where we have to be at alert at all times. These tali bans know all the crooked routes and always storm our camp taking us unaware.The worst is the suicide bombers who come in different disguise, so sometimes I have no time to visit the internet cafe. A lot of soldiers has passed away trust me.

Now,listen I discovered block funds during our recent raid in southern Kabul. I counted it in bundles and assumed its 28.5 million dollars. I have asked the UN Agent to hand them over to you as your Army Items you left in Afghanistan before you are sent for another Mission.

Please the deposit information are stated below:

For security purposes I did not mention your name but I gave a code and password which you must mention to the UN Missionary Envoy on his arrival to permit him release of the boxes to you.

DEPOSITOR: Carsten Jacobson.

Please keep very confidential as anybody who can provide these deposit information to the Agent  will automatically claim the funds.

Note that the Agent has no idea of the real content but as Army Items.

Bri. Gen. Carsten Jacobson.
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