Bug#713364: libewf transition and #713364

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Fri Nov 8 21:35:36 UTC 2013


I have noticed that libewf has started a transition from libewf1 to
libewf2.  At the moment only sleuthkit still blocks the completion of
the transition.  In a case like this, I would have been inclined to just
have scheduled a binNMU and finish the transition for you.
  However, sleuthkit suffers from #713364 which is a FTBFS bug, so I
have no reason to believe a binNMU will be successful.

As it is, the libewf transition is stalling the testing migration of dff
(and the fix for #713521).  With no visual feedback on #713364 since Sep
1st, I am very tempted to just remove sleuthkit from testing and finish
the transition that way.  It would require me to remove autopsy as well
(collateral damage), though it would be 2 RC bugs for 2 packages.

Comments welcome, a fix for #713364 in sid (or deferred) even more so.


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