TSK 4.1.2

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Tue Feb 4 13:13:46 UTC 2014

* Eriberto [Mon Feb 03, 2014 at 04:22:56PM -0200]:
> 2014-02-03 Michael Prokop <mika at debian.org>:

> > No, it's fine for those patches, but it's unclear e.g. here:

> > |  * sleuthkit.postinst: removed.
> > |  * sleuthkit.prerm: removed.

> The explanation is here:

> ------------------------------------------
>   * debian/rules:
>       [...]
>       - Removed the override_dh_auto_install target, that adds -sleuthkit
>         suffix to icat, ils and mactime files. It is obsolete because TCT
>         project is dead and was removed from Debian in 2011. Note that this
>         action will make d/sleuthkit.{postinst,prerm} useless. (LP: #480877)
>        [...]
>   * sleuthkit.manpages: updated.
>   * sleuthkit.postinst: removed.
> ------------------------------------------

> Perhaps I should cite d/rules after the "updated/removed". Do you have
> another suggestion?

Ah I see, thanks for clarifying. Would be good to have something
like "unneeded because override_dh_auto_install is gone and TCT no
longer exists" next to it.

> > You shouldn't add/remove maintainers without their ACK,
> > so just leave it as it is plus add yourself if you feel like you
> > want to contribute to this package also in the future (as in: feel
> > responsible for bug reports etc).

> Ah ok. Then, I think the Uploaders field is right. Christophe was the
> last maintainer and never asked to go out. Hilko helped me and has
> another package in the team (Yara). I asked to Hilko about your name
> before put it in Uploaders and he agreed. Hilko works with malwares
> and is very important to help to maintain this package.

Ok, I'm fine with it. :)

> > As noted above, all your changes went into one single commit
> > (b76f91787c1), instead of making each change into a separate commit.

> Well, do you are going to accept my job, even though this way?


> >> dh_strip -a -plibtsk10 --dbg-package=libtsk10-dbg didn't provide any
> >> results. The original lib is already stripped. Do ypu have a
> >> suggestion about it?

> > Didn't check yet, but if upstream is already stripping it in the
> > default install target then we should see what's the best way to
> > avoid that. (I'm fine with providing a sleuthkit update without
> > providing a dbg package for now.)

> Ok. The lib is stripped by the upstream.


> > Further notes:

> > * sleuthkit_4.1.2.orig.tar.gz is missing in pristine-tar branch
> > * upstream branch doesn't provide 4.1.2 source

> > See http://people.debian.org/~mika/forensics/maintainer.html for its
> > supposed workflow. I've just fixed both of that, but you never
> > imported/merged upstream stuff into your own branch, so I'm
> > wondering how you actually build your Debian package, because your
> > branch clearly doesn't match upstream's 4.1.2 source (and it doesn't
> > build for me).

> Sorry. I didn't know what to do in a branch. It was my first branch.
> Then, I commited the debian directory only.

Yeah, the problem is that your branch doesn't contain the actual
4.1.2 release/source.

I'm just trying to solve this (sadly there are quite some merge
issues between the different branches).

> The package was made over 4.1.2 and builds fine. I usually put my
> packages in mentors. Please, see here:

> https://mentors.debian.net/package/sleuthkit

> The version is 4.1.2-1 and the upload date was 27 jan 2014.

I'm aware, but I'm building packages based on what's in the VCS and
current state isn't buildable.

> > BTW: sleuthkit 4.1.3 was just released on Jan 26, 2014

> I finished my package at 26 jan (my first mail to the team). An
> amazing coincidence. But I can update. Perhaps the best option be
> upload the 4.1.2 and, then, deal with 4.1.3. I need a starting point.
> And I can update quickly to 4.1.3 after the 4.1.2 become to testing.

Yeah, let's wait for having 4.1.2 in the archive, then we can make
4.1.3 a clean release.

I'll reply again once I've news regarding the git situation.

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