Mass forensics-devel unsubscribes?

Michael Prokop mika at
Sun Jan 5 09:46:29 UTC 2014

* Christophe Monniez [Sat Jan 04, 2014 at 01:56:54PM +0100]:
> No, I didn't.

> Maybe is it people that are "cleaning" their mailing lists subscribes for
> the new year ?

This would have been way out of our usual metrics. :)

But thanks to a trigger by Derrick we identified that only gmail
users were affected (so people using either a mail address
or a domain which uses googlemail for their MX). Because gmail is
*rejecting* mails that they think are spam this results in mails
being bounced and as a result the mailing lists sets those
gmail(-related) mail addresses to unsubscribe. Just verified this
with listmaster of, same issue there.

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