Bug#754812: guymager: hardcoded dependency on libparted0

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Tue Jul 15 07:53:39 UTC 2014

* Colin Watson [Mon Jul 14, 2014 at 03:06:41PM +0100]:

> I plan to switch to parted 3.1 soon; see #754582.  This is now in the
> NEW queue for experimental, and I'll upload it to unstable once it's
> past NEW and a couple of other blockers are resolved.  It involves a
> package name change to libparted2.

> It looks as though guymager should work fine with libparted2, and it
> doesn't need any source changes (since it just looks for
> libparted*.so*), but the hardcoded dependency is a bit problematic.  It
> would be nice if it worked both before and after the parted change so
> that I don't have to coordinate a transition with you too carefully.
> How about this change?

Absolutely fine for me, I'll upload it once I've a few spare
minutes, if that shouldn't be soon enough for you feel free to NMU
in the meanwhile.


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