Team maintenance for plaso and dependencies; jessie backports

Hilko Bengen bengen at
Wed Jul 29 19:27:09 UTC 2015


after preparing packages for plaso and dependencies, I'd like to put the
packages into the responsibility of the Debian Forensics team. I have
created git repositories in the appropriate places
(alioth:/git/forensics/$pkg.git) and changed the Maintainer and
Uploaders fields accordingly.

These are the affected packages.

- plaso (still waiting in NEW)
- dfvfs (still waiting in NEW)
- binplist
- libbde
- libesedb
- libevt
- libevtx
- libfwsi
- liblnk
- libmsiecf
- libolecf
- libqcow
- libregf
- libsigscan
- libsmdev
- libsmraw
- libvhdi
- libvmdk
- libvshadow
- pytsk

Once the packages have hit testing, I would also like to provide jessie


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