Bug#644019: reglookup: Please package latest upstream (1.0.1)

Tim tim-debian at sentinelchicken.org
Fri Jun 5 15:39:41 UTC 2015

Hi Raphael,

> We started working on this update but there are multiple problems:

Ok, so this is the kind of feedback I've been hoping to hear for some

> * The library is not versioned, you need to have proper SONAME management
>   for libraries packaged in Debian.
>   https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide#Libraries
>   (this is really important for us, only versioned libraries can be
>   represented in the automatic library dependency mechanism)

I'll have to read up on this.  I'm somewhat fuzzy on how this stuff is
normally handled.

> * SCons does not allow us to inject hardened build flags in CFLAGS,
>   https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide#SCons

This is easy to add.

> * SCons does not allow us to install files in a destination directory
>   different from / (we use the DESTDIR variable for this)

I actually do have DESTDIR support.  Let me know if it isn't using the
path appropriately.  Be sure to check the trunk version.  I'm not sure
if the latest release has this.  In general, let's work off of the
trunk until you're satisfied with my build script.

> * SCons is not standardized at all and thus debhelper has no support for
>   it... which means that we can't benefit freely from stuff like multiarch
>   support which requires us to install the libraries in an
>   architecture-specific path.

What environment variables are used to specify architecture-specific
paths?  If CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and the like are all accepted properly,
what else would you need for cross-compiling?

> And also some things which could be improved:
> * please rename "pyregfi-distutils.py" to "setup.py" so that it can be
>   automatically detected by our build tools

Ok, I'll look into this.

> * don't call ldconfig (we do not run build process as root, the install
>   step is run under fakeroot and any operation requiring real root rights
>   will fail)

Does my uid check not work for you?

> In general, it would be nice if you could use something else than SCons...
> You can also have a look at other sections of the upstream guide that I
> linked to as you might find some useful data that would make our lives
> easier.

I find make to be awful.  I've been using it off and on for years, but
I've decided it is antiquated.  SCons has nice advantages (you know it
is actually portable), though it can certainly use more work.  I find
that guide you linked to is just a tad rigid and closed-minded about
using alternative tools.  Let's just get SCons working like Debian's
build scripts expect.  SCons just runs python scripts afterall, so it
can't be that hard to make it accept whatever inputs you need it to.

Besides what you mentioned above, I see the guide mentions in passing
a variety of other environment variables that should be accepted:

 "If you choose to use SCons anyway, please ensure that the usual
environment compiler variables (CC, CFLAGS, ...) and path variables
(DESTDIR, BINDIR, LIBDIR, ...) are honoured. There is a recipe, that
addresses some of these."

It would be *great* of *all* environment variables were listed
somewhere, instead of just a few and a hand wave... =P  Let me know if
you have a more complete reference somewhere.

thank you!

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