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My name is Mr.Ehab Hassan, Branch Manager, (NBAD) married with two
children, I am writing this letter to ask for your support and
co-operation to carry out this secret and risk free business opportunity
in my branch office department, the deal is that you have to stand as a
depositor next of kin to claim this money and leave the rest to me to
finish as an insider.

Mostafa Abdel Aziz Hesham, An American, Foreign Oil
Consultant/Contractor with the Chevron Petroleum Corporation Middle
East, Asia, has a secret (fixed) deposit bank account in twelve calendar
months, which Valued at (Twenty Five Million. Great British Pounds
Sterling) in my branch upon maturity, after many years not hearing from
him, the bank management decided to send a lot of routine Email, Fax and
Mailing notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.

After a month's, we still sent an email and post reminder's and finally
we discovered from his contract employee Director, who Told the bank
management that Mostafa Abdel Aziz Hesham died in the plane crash.

If you're interested in this deal, please I would like you to provide
for me with the following requesting details below, to enable me start
the change of ownership and transfer process immediately: Reply to my

private email: ehab_has_san2047715 at

Your Direct Mobile Number:

Your Full Name:

Your Country:

You're private E-mail:


Mr.Ehab Hassan
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