scalpel 2.0+ licensing

ydirson at ydirson at
Sun Aug 7 14:54:18 UTC 2016

Hi Brian,

I'm currently digging through scalpel and foremost.

While doing so, after noticing some strange things in the sleuthkit tree,
I wanted to understand who did what in the various
versions, and noticed that when refactoring the 2.0 code for library
design, you changed all the GPL-2 copyright notices to Apache-2.0

That sort of change is not a trivial one legally speaking, did you
make sure you got approval from all previous copyright holders ?  That
should include the authors/contributors to the foremost project.

If you managed to get their approval, it would be good to mention this
in the copyright/licensing part of the README, so the thing is made
clear once and for all.

Best regards,

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