Bug#841447: md5deep: sudo md5deep -rel /* leads to system crash

Christoph Biedl debian.axhn at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Tue Dec 20 21:56:32 UTC 2016

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[ disclaimer: Not the maintainer speaking ]

Julian Schwarz wrote...

> "md5deep -rel /*" crashes my system (reboot) with a for me unkown
> reason. "sha256deep -rel /*" crashes in the same way. This was tested
> on two different machines running debian stable and one machine
> running debian unstable all showing the same issue.

Running such a program on / seems like a bad idea as md5deep will
happily traverse into pseudo-filesystems like /sys/ or /proc/.
Especially if you run with sudo as suggested in your subject, I wasn't
surprised if strange things happen.

Stil, a crash is not acceptable. However, I could not reproduce the

> A "md5deep -rel /* >> log.txt 2>&1" seems to run without crashing the
> system. While running "md5deep -rel /* >> log.txt" the log.txt showed
> that it crashed on reading a file in /home/user and the file ending
> constisted out of NULLS, but a "md5deep -rel /home/*" runs without any
> problem.

Can you clarify a bit? The file content consists solely of NUL bytes? My
gut feeling tells me there's a problem with some characters in the file
name, perhaps there's a weird one close to your suspect? Was it possible
for you to share it?

Running md5deep under gdb would give a lot of helpful information but
I'm not sure whether you know how to do that.


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