Uploaders of grokevt

Samuel Henrique samueloph at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 16:52:13 UTC 2016

I just encountered the same with unhide.

CCing MIA team, as there's a chance Christophe is MIA (didn't see any
upload of him newer than ~5 years old) and he is the uploader of 21

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

2016-12-25 13:13 GMT-02:00 Samuel Henrique <samueloph at gmail.com>:

> Hi Cristophe,
> Are you still interested in maintaining grokevt? I just pushed some
> changes and realized that the last change you've made to the package was in
> 2010.
> I would like to add myself as an uploader too, i wanna see if you still
> wanna be an uploader, or else i can remove you and add myself-solo instead.
> Regards,
> Samuel Henrique <samueloph>
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