Bug#825718: Fwd: Bug#825718: forensics-all: hdd spin down upon install

Fulano Diego Perez fulanoperez at cryptolab.net
Sun Jun 26 11:04:09 UTC 2016

Re fwd'ing only to 825718 since unsure

anything else to consider ?

i can confirm the behaviour of hdd spin down constantly

computer left on over night, hdd constantly spins up/down

when hdd spin-down set to 129 in 'disks' behaviour still occurs

any suggestions appreciated.

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Subject: Re: Bug#825718: forensics-all: hdd spin down upon install
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 22:48:13 +1000
From: Fulano Diego Perez <fulanoperez at cryptolab.net>
To: 825718-quiet at bugs.debian.org, 825718-submitter at bugs.debian.org

> Complementing the previous message, I will wait 15 days for a response 
> from you, then will close this bug.
> Regards,

im not sure where to file the bug - with the meta package or hdparm

either forensics includes a config for hdparm or hdparm does...i dont know

i cannot think of any other forensics package that may be doing this

ill wait for you to decide if this bug should be re-assigned hdparm

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