forensics-extra_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED

Eriberto Mota eriberto at
Wed Nov 9 00:00:12 UTC 2016

2016-11-08 20:00 GMT-02:00 Thorsten Alteholz <ftpmaster at>:
> Hi Eriberto,
> not all packages from your Depends:-line are in main, some are missing
> and some are in non-free. Those must be removed.
> Thanks!
>   Thorsten

Hi Thorsten,

Initially, thanks for your review.

Sorry for my mistake. Before upload the package in the first time I
did a check in a clean environment but I could have done a double
check. In a fresh clean Sid, I think that the package was installed
because the 'Provides:' field in some other packages. I also used
'dpkg -i package; apt-get install -f'. So, the 'apt-get install -f'
solved the issues, as not present packages. So, all existent
dependencies was installed but not forensics-extra. I was a foll, my
apologizes. Now, I did a Bash script to check each package.

Well, I reuploaded the package with the following changes:

- ascii2uni changed to uni2ascii
- exiftool changed to libimage-exiftool-perl
- pdfinfo changed to poppler-utils
- unrar (vitual) removed. unrar-free already exists. (oh my God!)
- nikto (non-free) removed.


- dislocker: now in forensics-all, already in Debian. Removed from

I also updated the date in debian/changelog . No more changes.

I hope that is all rigth now.

Thanks again.



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