Bug#795052: sleuthkit: Uses embedded copy of libexif-0.6.20

Eriberto Mota eriberto at debian.org
Wed Nov 30 11:33:44 UTC 2016

2015-08-09 20:58 GMT-03:00 Scott Kitterman <debian at kitterman.com>:
> Source: sleuthkit
> Version: 4.1.3-11
> Severity: normal
> Although not a must in Debian policy, the preference is to not use embedded
> copies of libraries.  sleuthkit-4.1.3/framework/modules/c_LibExifModule has
> an embedded copy of libexif-0.6.20 that is used during package build.  It
> would be better to use the system libexif.

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Hi Scott,

I packaged the 4.3.1 version now. I did some checks and I saw that the
upstream does not use this library.

1. Via grep, I can not see a call for the library in main program. I
think that the upstream uses the directory to generate, manually,
files for MS Windows.

2. Removing the directory framework/modules/c_LibExifModule, the
package builds fine. The config.log and sleuthkit_4.3.1-1_amd64.build
don't show any call to libexif.

I thing this bug can be closed. What is your oppinion?

Thanks for your message.



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