Bug#867860: forensics-all should not hard-depend (if at all) on grr-server

Giovani Ferreira giovani at debian.org
Sun Jul 16 18:47:04 UTC 2017

Hi abe,

Many thanks for the reportbugs for forensics-all, this helps a lot our 
work :)

Em 09-07-2017 20:55, Axel Beckert escreveu:
> From my point of view, grr-server is surely wrong in this metapackage,
> not only because of its purpose but also because such a metapackage
> should never hard-depend on any packages which start daemons or server
> software.
> Please either move the dependency on grr-server to one of the other
> (maybe more fitting) forensic metapackages or at least downgrade the
> dependency to a "Recommends" if not "Suggests".

I agree with your thinking, I think until next week there will be 
another update in the package, I will consider your settings.


Giovani Ferreira

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