Bug#864518: CVE-2017-9438

Salvatore Bonaccorso carnil at debian.org
Sat Jun 24 18:58:18 UTC 2017

Source: yara
Source-Version: 3.6.1+dfsg-1

On Fri, Jun 09, 2017 at 09:25:28PM +0200, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Source: yara
> Severity: important
> Tags: security
> Please see:
> https://github.com/VirusTotal/yara/issues/674
> Fixed by: https://github.com/VirusTotal/yara/commit/10e8bd3071677dd1fa76beeef4bc2fc427cea5e7

Looks this was fixed in 3.6.1 upstream and included in the
3.6.1+dfsg-1 upload to unstable.


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