Bug#856926: Processed: rekall: package not installable after no-change rebuild

Piotr Ożarowski piotr at debian.org
Mon Mar 6 12:31:01 UTC 2017

rekall's setup.py contains¹ (in install_requires):

 "pycrypto == 2.6.1"

which is translated by dh_python2 into "python-crypto (= 2.6.1)"
(translating == into = and not simply ignoring it, or replacing with
">=" which is IMO the least problematic solution, is a new thing
introduced in dh-python 2.20170125, I'm not a big fan of it but
apparently it's what maintainers want)

Why pycrypto is translated and other requirements not?
That's because pycrypto (Debian) maintainer flagged² pycrypto's
versioning as compatible with Debian's (it's disabled by default, you
can `dh_python2 --accept-upstream-versions` if you want that behaviour
with other modules/requirements)

What to do to fix it?
* patch setup.py to replace == with >= or remove version completly, no
  matter what's the outcome of next point:
* start a thread on debian-python at l.d.o abuot what to do with ==
  (ignore? translate into =, translate into >=)

[¹] https://sources.debian.net/src/rekall/1.6.0%2Bdfsg-1/rekall-core/setup.py/#L61
[²] https://sources.debian.net/src/python-crypto/2.6.1-7/debian/python-crypto.pydist/

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