Switch to salsa, the good time to merge forensics and pkg-security?

Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Tue Jan 9 16:05:53 UTC 2018

* Raphael Hertzog [Tue Jan 09, 2018 at 04:45:39PM +0100]:

> in the following weeks I will likely work on switching pkg-security from
> alioth to salsa. I will request a new mailing list on lists.debian.org.

> Since this is a relatively disruptive change that is imposed on both
> teams sooner or later, I believe that it is the right occasion to proceed
> with the merge of both teams that we already discussed in the past but
> that we postponed because it was a lot of work for few gains.

> Does this still look sensible to you?

ACK (from someone contributing to forensics packaging)

> If you agree, I will create the required team on salsa and add members of
> both Alioth teams and import all git repositories and configure them to
> integrate properly with the Debian package tracker.

Great, thanks!

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