Bug#887210: rkhunter should depend on e2fsprogs explicitly

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Sun Jan 21 14:29:53 UTC 2018

Control: severity -1 minor

On Sun, Jan 14, 2018 at 08:10:53PM +0100, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> Package: rkhunter
> /usr/bin/rkhunter contains chattr and lsattr. According to file it is a POSIX shell script, ASCII text executable, with very long lines, with escape sequences
> /var/lib/rkhunter/db/i18n/cn contains lsattr. According to file it is a UTF-8 Unicode text

I've ignored /var/lib/rkhunter/db/i18n/* as false positives since they
seem to simply be translations.

Looking at rkhunter it seems chattr is a false positive match.
There are a few false positive matches for lsattr as well, but
one of them is interesting.

lsattr is part of the list of commands stored in CMDLIST variable.
Here's a code comment from rkhunter check_commands function about CMDLIST:

	# We check for some commands used in the tests. If the command
	# is found then a variable including the command name is set.
	# These commands are not 'required', so nothing happens if the
	# command is not found. The commands can be defined in the
	# configuration file, and a value of 'DISABLED' will cause a
	# command to not exist. A value of 'BUILTIN' may be used for
	# the 'stat' and 'readlink' commands, to indicate that the
	# supplied scripts should be used. We have to handle the 'stat'
	# command in a special way so that the perl module does not get
	# used if the command is to be disabled.

You can indeed that the lsattr command is not strictly necessary
by searching for LSATTR_CMD and seeing how it's only conditionally
executed if available.

Thus I'd say at most a Suggests or possibly Recommends is warrented, but
not a Depends. Even just closing this bug report without a Suggests might
be an option. I'll leave that up to the maintainer to decide.

Would be great to hear from maintainer on this....

Andreas Henriksson

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