[Freewx-maint] Bug#745887: libwxgtk3.0-0: Please enable support for libnotify

Christian Beier dontmind at freeshell.org
Mon Apr 28 09:35:19 UTC 2014

Am Mon, 28 Apr 2014 00:06:52 +0100
schrieb Olly Betts <olly at survex.com>:

> On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 01:09:12PM +0200, Christian Beier wrote:
> > This is a feature request to enable support for libnotify notifications
> > in debian's wx-3.0.
> > 
> > The issue is touched shortly in https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-
> > bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=738849#22, but I thought I'd rather open a new
> > feature request as this is unrelated to webview support.
> Thanks, this is much better addressed as a separate bug.
> > To clarify between wx built-in notifications and wx using libnotify
> > notifications: The builtin notifications use a generic approach, just
> > displaying a dialog-like window in the middle of the screen, but
> > certainly nothing a user would expect a GNOME/KDE/... notification to
> > look like. This is where libnotify comes in: this is what the major
> > Linux desktop environments are using.
> > 
> > Thus, integration of libnotify is not pointless, but enables a more
> > native look and feel of wx notifications.
> I am aware of what libnotify is and does, but you don't really seem to
> have addressed the code comment I quoted in the message you refer to (in
> src/generic/notifmsgg.cpp):
> // even if the platform has the native implementation, we still normally want
> // to use the generic one (unless it's totally unsuitable for the target UI as
> // is the case of Hildon) because it may provide more features, so include
> // wx/generic/notifmsg.h to get wxGenericNotificationMessage declaration even
> // if wx/notifmsg.h only declares wxNotificationMessage itself (if it already
> // uses the generic version, the second inclusion will do no harm)
> It sounds like we may lose some features by switching to libnotify, so
> I'd like to understand what (if any) those are, so we can understand any
> trade-offs we are making here, and (if necessary) so we can warn the
> maintainers of the many packages with use wx to check for regressions
> this change may cause.

The comment says 'may' and to my knowledge the generic implementation certainly
does not provide more features than the libnotify one. It really just is a
simple window in the middle of the screen with icon and text.

This is the generic one:

And the libnotify one, which IMO integrates far better with the desktop


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